BMW E9 s38b38

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Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von kiefer » Fr 23. Mär 2018, 12:14

Hi beamerfreak,

if some further questions might come up, pls feel free to ask.
The ones who might not be able to answer in English, will not do so ;-).
From my personal experience it is quite common for non-Germans to ask questions in English in car forums, which is a better choice than asking in non-understandable-German-online-translastions.

Für alle, die der englischen Sprache nicht mächtig sind, sollte es doch kein Problem sein, den Beitrag einfach wegzuklicken (?).
In allen Autoforen in denen ich vertreten bin, geht es eher darum, sich gegenseitig zu helfen, statt Spracherziehung zu lehren.
Wenn jemand kein Deutsch kann... soll er dann aufgrund der Sprachbarriere mit seinem Problem / oder seinem Wissen alleine bleiben? Online Übersetzer kann man meist knicken bei sowas.
Da ist mir ein verständliches Englisch definitiv lieber als ein unverständliches Deutsch.


Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von m5toureg » Fr 23. Mär 2018, 10:57

some bmw forums world-wide have a 'foreign language section' (see -
einige bmw forum weltweit haben einen Bereich fuer Beiträge 'andere Sprache' -
is it the 'Frank Stella art car replica' that you have been working on ? nice car indeed !!
ist es das 'Frank Stella art car replica' Auto an dem Du arbeitest ? schönes Auto !!
how far have you come, is it ready and bp-approved for the road ?
wie weit bist Du damit, fertig mit TUEV fuer die Strasse ?
how about some pictures, link to a gallery ?
wie wäre es mit ein paar Bildern, ein länk ?

Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von beamerfreak » Mi 21. Mär 2018, 21:09

Well I have to say that I am a bit surprised over the reactions to my question... And I´m pretty glad right now that I forgot to check back for replies.... Instead of trying to help, most people react on my choice of language, and I have talked to people all over the world who love the E9:s as I stated in my first comment, and whatever native language they have had the important thing was to understand one and other. I wish i could speak fluent German.... as well as I wish I could speak every language in the world. The main thing is to make yourself understood... Well this was a long time ago and I hope things have changed a lot over the year. It´s all for the love to keeping these marvelous beasts on the road. A big thanks to the guys that tried to help out, You are the ones who carry this forum´s heart.

Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von Hubi » So 20. Sep 2015, 19:30

Die Freundlichkeit dem englischsprechenden Forumsnutzer gegenüber in allen Ehren. Trotzdem sollten wir hier deutschsprachig schreiben.
Zumindest sollten die Herren eine deutsche Übersetzung in ihrem Beitrag anhängen. Man kann es mit der Internationalität auch übertreiben.

Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von Gloser » Fr 18. Sep 2015, 00:42

Hello and welcome,

i found this one on ... geNumber=1

Maybe helps ?

With the best wishes


Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von kiefer » Do 17. Sep 2015, 23:45

Hi beamerfreak,
as the b38 is said to be more fragile as well as cost intensive to be kept alive, better locally ask for in Sweden, if it also might help to get a copy of a b36 approval. The chance to get such one would be much more higher I guess.
There are several e9s which have been modified with an m88 engine, which basically isn't that far away from the S38 engine, seen from the technical point of view. Depending on your examinants skills, he might accept this comparison.
Good luck
kind regards

PS: Finde es heutzutage weder unüblich noch selten, dass jemand in Englisch in einem dt. Forum nachfragt. Warum auch? Auf jeden Fall zielführender, als in fragmentiertem Deutsch einen Sachverhalt unklar darzustellen.

Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von tomtomjetski » Do 17. Sep 2015, 16:49


Schreib doch bitte deine Erfahrungen dann auf Deutsch hier rein. Ich glaube das Interessiert hier eine Menge Leute......

Gruss Thomas

Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von 3.0CS_Max » Mi 16. Sep 2015, 21:18


Please excuse the tough tone. Some of the board members seem to be less internationalized than the others... I am sure somebody competent will come back to you shortly. I unfortunately can't help in this case, but felt the need to write the thread's first kind reply.

Please remember to introduce yourself sometime with your name and a picture of your car. I bet people will be more friendly then, even if you are writing in English. BTW: I will need to do the same thing shortly. I did not manage to introduce myself yet, neither.

Best wishes, good luck with your issue and have fun with your wonderful car!

Max from Hannover, Germany.

Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von S.Schäfer » Mi 16. Sep 2015, 20:17

Ich bau das gerade, aber my english is shit und mein schwedisch is big shit.

Gruß Stefan

Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von Christoph, Bonn » Mi 16. Sep 2015, 13:46

3,01990 hat geschrieben:Blödsinn, Englisch kriegen wir wohl noch hin!
Klar, kriegen wir das hin, aber schreib mal auf deutsch in einem UK oder US Forum.....

Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von 3,01990 » Mi 16. Sep 2015, 12:48

Blödsinn, Englisch kriegen wir wohl noch hin!

Re: BMW E9 s38b38

von Christoph, Bonn » Mi 16. Sep 2015, 08:11

hier nennt man die Tageszeit
hier stellt man sich vor
und hier spricht man deutsch

BMW E9 s38b38

von beamerfreak@hotmail » Di 15. Sep 2015, 21:25

Hi there! I am looking for people who have made the s38b38 engine swap on the E9 and got it approved by the TüV.

It would help me a lot to get the car through the Swedish system.

I hope the passion for the E9 helps me here as it has done the all over this world f0r the 3 years i have been working on the car (It started as usual with "The car is almost done, just need a carpet change and put in the rest of the interior). Should have known better.... This is my second E9.

Found some rust and ended up cleaning the undercarriage by hand before I got it sandblasted and painted with etching paint and after that a layer of polaris silver and clear coat after that.

After this everything got out of hand and I thought "Hey! F**k this, lets go all in. Put on the biggest E9 breaks, got coil-overs all around (It was not easy when it comes to the rear suspension) and put in a s38b38 with the 5 gear transmission it was attached to.

Its been a lot of hard work, sweat and agony to get it done with the means that I have. Now I can see the finish line and one of the last things now is the bureaucracy.

That is the really bad part when it comes to Sweden and car modification. If I haven't got an approval from BMW (I don´t think they have the time for an amateur like me) or proof that it has been done in EU (preferably in Germany) its impossible to get the car through the system if you have more than a 10% increase in HP.

Thanks for taking your time! Keep the E9:s on the road, Its made to be driven!

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